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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 30, 2014 5:00pm-5:56pm EST

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neighbor's house. neighbors say that the son, 25- year-old christopher stirkens, had been in trouble with the cops before his dad shot him to death in a futile effort to keep him from killing his mom. >> he was a good cop, a good family man, loving wife, loving kids. >> reporter: neighbors are struggling to understand what could have happened in a second floor bedroom inside the carefully kept home on lake katrine terrace. is there anything that would lead you to believe that christopher could do something like this? >> no. not at all, not at all. >> reporter: pictures from a happier time. police say sergeant stirkens, a cop for 27 years, was inside the house off duty when he heard noises and found his 25- year-old son christopher stabbing his mother denise. >> the officer observed his son
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attacking his wife with some type of sharp instrument, observed some type of stabbing motion. in an effort to stop this attack the officer discharged the handgun and shot his son. >> reporter: the son dead at the scene. doctors declared denise dead soon after she arrived at the hospital. police commanders have put sergeant stirkens on routine administrative leave until they figure this all out. >> determine whether there's a mental health component, a substance abuse component. >> reporter: christopher stirkens was busted for marijuana possession and paraphernalia. a neighbor says he was terrified of his friends and says police have been to the house before. >> i never saw him. makes you wonder what kind of a person he was. did something happen to make him snap? >> reporter: the final post on denise stirkens' facebook page was for mental health awareness
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week. depression, anxiety and panic attacks are not a sign of weakness she wrote. they are signs of having tried to remain strong for too long. the stirkens have two other children, daughters. one can only imagine what they are going through tonight. >> okay, bruce. thank you. now to the mall in columbia where right now mourners are gathering to remember the young victims of saturday's shooting. scott broom is live as people gather to share their grief and shock. you can see many people came out tonight to try to come together and bring this community even closer together, scott. it's a tough day, another tough day. >> reporter: it is. people just began gathering here about 15 minutes ago outside the flagpole entrance of the mall. behind me there appears to be a couple hundred people gathered outside the mall this afternoon. many of them are clearly mall employees and this gives you a
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feel for the outpouring in the columbia community in the wake of this terrible tragedy. immediately saturday friends of the young viims here took to facebook and twitter to share their pain and this gathering you're witnessing right now is one result. the now familiar faces of the victims, 21-year-old single mom briana benlolo and 19-year-old tyler johnson killed by a suicidal, angry, disillusioned 19-year-old darion aguilar whose journal entries indicated he was hiding mental illness from his family and was planning an attack, but was not specific. the expressions young people are making can be seen on the boarded up walls of the zumies skateboard shop inside the mall, appeals to stop the killing and needless death. outside the mall today visitors are still stunned by the shotgun attack by aguilar here. >> you can't walk past the memorial without having tears. it's really sad.
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>> how do you protect yourself from something like this? you don't anticipate that. i just feel so sorry for her. >> i'm still kind of down, but i have faith in our community that we'll be able to get past this. >> reporter: tonight's memorial gathering was organized on facebook by young people who aim to start a memorial fund for briana benlolo's 2-year-old son. skateboard enthusiasts are planning a ride andersen 10 park in columbia saturday and -- around centennial park in columbia saturday and there was a memorial for brianna today. outside the mall many have flowers and candles in their hands as they prepare for this memorial moment in a few minutes. as the young people mourn here tonight, i want to update you on the investigation. investigators confirm they are still trying to piece together a timeline of what happened leading up to this shooting
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tragedy on saturday. the shooter was seen leaving his home in college park at 5:15 a.m. and got into a cab in burtonsville several hours later to come to the mall. part of this investigation is trying to figure out exactly what he may have been doing at burtonsville and also who, a companion with him, was that appeared at a gun shop in rockville two times. investigators are confirming today they are working on both those issues. scott broom, wusa9. >> you look at all those people gathered at columbia mall with such a centerpiece for the community and not surprising to see how this tight knit community is coming together. the columbia mall murders are just the latest deadly incidents tied to mental health issues in our area. at 5:30 we'll look at some of the services maryland provides and the state's plans to make even more mental health help available. we've got breaking news. a verdict in the amanda knox
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murder trial. minutes ago an italian appeals court upheld the murder conviction against knox and set a 28 1/2 year sentence. knox was first found guilty in 2009. that verdict was overturned two years ago and she was released from prison. knox is back here in the united states and did not return to italy for the verdict. a lengthy extradition process is expected. right now a travel alert, d.c. police closed massachusetts avenue southeast near 34th street. the fire department discovered this sinkhole there this afternoon along with a water main break and a natural gas leak. utility workers are on the scene and repair crews have to rebuild the hill before they can reopen that road. might be a good idea to avoid the area until crews are able to clean it up. a crew of ice breakers was back on the chesapeake bay this morning. the boat called the av sandusky is breaking up the ice so channels are clear in case of emergencies. the captain says breaking up
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the ice is a slow grinding task and steering through that ice can be difficult. the bay is frozen up harder than it's been in five years. first alert meteorologist topper shutt joins us now from the weather center. are we warming up yet? >> we are. i do want to show you the low temperatures this morning. we knew it would be in the single digits around town, 5 leesburg, 4 at dulles, but check this out, 6 below in salisbury and 9 below 0 in ocean city. that's right of that was because of the clear skies and fresh snow cover, but that's still impressive. right now 32 downtown. most of us did not make it above freezing today, 28 in gaseburg now, 30 in manassas -- gaithersburg now, 30 in manassas, lows tonight much better. 20 inside the beltway, 18 in fairfax, 22 in woodbridge, 24 in waldorf. we'll come back, talk about turning the corner and whether or not any 50s are in our future over the weekend.
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there is fallout tonight in the case of a d.c. firehouse accused of not responding to a dying man across the street. two firefighters including the lieutenant in charge at the time of the incident have now been placed on paid administrative leave. this comes after outrage from the family hearing that that high ranking firefighter went back to work yesterday and was on desk duty today. surae chinn brings us more. >> reporter: lieutenant colleen davis shown here on her facebook page was the ranking firefighter at the time of the incident. the victim's family was stunned to find she returned to workdays after 77-year-old cecil mills was left to die across the street from the firehouse on rhode island avenue northeast. >> some people went across that street three times. one lady said i went over there two times and stayed on the phone with dispatch. she said i got placed on hold. >> what we had was a failure of a few people to do what they
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get paid to do and it's outrageous. it's absolutely unacceptable. >> why is she at work? >> because we have to go through the administrative process. she came in. she provided her statement. now that we have the statement and the statement of others, the process will work itself out and so appropriate action will be coming. >> reporter: an ambulance responded roughly 15 minutes after mills collapsed, only after a good samaritan flagged it down. the 77-year-old who spent nearly five decades with d.c.'s parks and rec department died on that sidewalk. >> left my dad across the street laying on the cold ground. i begged the person to come up. i stood on that curb and i cried out to him please come and help my dad. i said please don't led my dad die. >> we want to season justice done. justice for mr. mills, justice for his family, but at the same time we want to respect the
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rights of employees. this will get done. it will be done shortly. >> reporter: that shortly came about 15 minutes ago when we learned from the office of the deputy mayor of public safety that two ranking firefighters including lieutenant davis are now on paid administrative leave. they have not said for how long or if further action will be taken. we do know the deputy mayor launched a full scale investigation interviewing at least 15 people and by the way, the lieutenant has been with d.c. fire for nearly 30 years. >> we'll continue to follow this. thank you. nine people including a number of children are dead after an early morning house fire. 11 people lived in this home in rural greenville, kentucky. the father, an 11-year-old girl were the only ones to escape. there is no word on the cause of the fire, but investigators do not suspect anything suspicious. one firefighter is hurt and nine other people are out of their laurel, maryland townhome
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tonight. it's all because of a fire. it started last night on compton avenue. this was a tough one to tackle. firefighters from three counties took about an hour to get it under control. the cause of this fire remains under investigation. house speaker john boehner is presenting a new outline for immigration reform to his fellow republicans at their annual retreat. after months of stalled legislation gop leaders are trying to lay out proposals they can get passed. danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner is trying to make headway on immigration reform despite opposition from conservatives in his own party. >> it's been turned into a political football. i think it's unfair. so i think it's time to deal with it. how we deal with it is going to be critically important. >> reporter: speaker boehner is still looking at a piecemeal approach focusing on stronger border security, but his proposals include a path to legal status for 11 million people who entered the country illegally. of, something that will be a
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hard sell -- illegally, something that will be a hard sell. the senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill last year that went nowhere in the house. president obama prodded lawmakers in his state of the union address. >> let's get immigration reform done this year. >> reporter: immigration reform supporters say because of the country's growing latino population, this could be a break-through year. >> these are the people obviously you have to court and you represent. these are the people now in your jurisdiction. i think it's the responsibility of the republican party to act on behalf of their constituency. >> reporter: in 2012 hispanic voters went big for president obama and the democrats. republican leaders want to win back some of those votes this november. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. meantime president obama on day two of his post state of the union economic tour, he stopped at a ge plant in wisconsin to promote his proposals for more jobs and skilled training.
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the president is putting vp joe biden in charge of an across the board review of america's job training program. after 40 years on capitol hill congressman henry waxman of california says he will retire at the end of his term. the 74-year-old democrat was elected in 1974 and waxman has had a hand in shaping legislation dealing with the environment, energy, healthcare and consumer protection. waxman says he's learned that progress isn't easy, but it is worth fighting for. they are the people in charge of maintaining and launching our new nuclear missiles, but now a scandal calls into question how much these officers really know about their job. we'll bring that story to you at 5:30. >> plus this video from a black friday melee at an area victoria secret went viral on youtube and tonight we have new information about the two women seen attacking another shopper. >> and sometimes you just got to admit you messed up. we'll tell you who is taking the fall for that
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today was a much needed thaw out day in atlanta. sunshine and above freezing temps helped the city get out of the deep freeze it's been under for several days and this nightmare right here. we have the very latest. >> reporter: the 2 inches of ice and snow that shut down interstate highways around atlanta for 24 hours finally started to melt away thursday. the clean-up is far from over. hundreds of abandoned cars littered roadsides and medians, everything from passenger cars to school buses and big rigs. georgia officials set up staging areas to take people out to the highway and reunite them with cars they ditched during the epic gridlock. some needed a jump start. others needed gas. many vehicles on the road have yellow tags like this on the
5:17 pm
door. it means they're abandoned. georgia officials want these abandoned cars off the road in time for the morning rush hour. jaki shockley said she was stuck in her car six hours during the storm before she decided to hike home. >> never again. everybody is staying home. it won't happen. i don't care if they even say it's a dusting. >> reporter: albert sinclair spent 36 hours, a full day and a half, stranded on a highway going nowhere. >> i've never been stranded like that before. >> reporter: georgia governor nathan diehl apologized again to everyone stuck in their cars or schools because of the storm. >> i think we did not respond fast enough. >> reporter: hundreds of flights in and out of atlanta were canceled thursday and city schools will remain closed friday. technically it's not another snow day but a recovery day. >> i get the feeling everybody there just needs to take a deep breath. it's been a long week for them.
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i talked to a reporter today and i said we feel your pain. we are thinking about you guys. >> notice all the snow is almost gone. >> i like how you get fired up when they try to blame the weather people. >> i looked back again and looked at my tweets today i sent out. really the warnings were there. they weren't heeded, plain and simple. >> they acknowledged that today. >> 24 hours in advance from houston to norfolk. we showed it to you on the air. it's crazy. i've never seen warnings from houston to norfolk today. some folks made it above freezing today, but tomorrow everybody makes it above freezing and one of the weekend days i think will make it to 50. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 32 now, high was 33 at national, dew points in the single digits, better than the below 0 readings last night and relative humidity 34%, winds now out of the south at 9. satellite picture radar combined, here's our next little weather system producing
5:19 pm
a little snow on the great lakes. this is not a power packed system. some of the clouds will come in tonight. they're already into ohio and west virginia and a slight chance of a sprinkle, but tomorrow and saturday most of the energy and precipitation stays well north and west of us. the good news is the clouds will come in later tonight and keep temperatures up a bit. temps right now 29 college park, really cold today. the chunk of the center of cold air was east of us, 26 in baltimore, 25 in annapolis, 30 in arlington, 28 in reston and fairfax. clouds late tonight, not as cold, bus stop temperatures 16 to 34 depending on what time you go. everybody makes it to at least 40 tomorrow. most folks will make it into the mid-40s, mild early over the weekend, yes, a few possible showers, but i think we'll trade temperatures for the chance of a few showers. clear early. clouds come in late, not as cold, 16 to 26, winds out of
5:20 pm
the southwest at 10. we'll break it down. these are city temps. 20s to start. there will be some teens in the burbs initially, 30 by 9:00, 36 by 11:00 and by 1 p.m. we should be in the low 40s again. next three days not quite 50 saturday, back that down a bit because of a southeast wind and maybe a shower, but then sunday mild, maybe a shower, back into the low 50s by sunday. next seven days monday still kind of up in the air. we'll keep a light mix in. the system could go to our south now. we go the a break tuesday, then another storm -- we get a break tuesday. then another storm comes at us. rain on wednesday, 50 and then colder again next thursday with temperatures back into the mid- 30s. as we go into february, a little bit of a february thaw. st that is the right way to art the wed,eken my friend. remember this video from black friday, a ruckus atthe victoria secret in the twnapolis mall? meo won there attacked a 17- year-old girl and now nearly
5:21 pm
two months later investigators bay they've made two arrests sed on this video. in fact, police arrested sisters, 18-year-old antonio ash and 31-year-old ebony brooks of clint on, maryland. both ladies face a slew of charges. two men in big trouble after police say they used a taser to steal power om a home depot yesterday in annapolis. tyrone freeman and ruston hopson loaded up their cart with $1,000 worth of tools and tried to walk out the door. when employees tried to stop them, they threatened them with a taser. police caught up with the fair a short time later. up next -- pair a short time later. up next a consumer alert to keep your family safe from the products you need to stop using to the vehicles dealers will have to stop selling. >> plus more trouble for the bieb, the
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we know how boring it can be to sit there in traffic that calls along, but you better resist that urge to text in virginia. since virginia made texting while driving a primary offense last year, 725 people have been convicted, most of those from northern virginia and hampton
5:25 pm
roads. first time offenders have to pay $125. do it again and that fine doubles. >> just don't do it. new information tonight about that massive security breach at target, a company spokesperson says someone stole a vendor's credentials and that's what allowed hackers to break into their system. those crooks now have 40 million credit and debit card numbers as well as personal information for another 70 million people. let's get you caught up about two recalls that could impact your family. 350,000bri dehumidifiers are being called back because they can smoke and catch fire in 30, 40, 50 and 65-pint sizes. there have been five reports of fires that resulted in more than $400,000 in property damage. if you have one, unplug it and contact gri on the number on the screen for a refund.
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check your child's stroller. britax is recalling more than 200,000 be agile, be agile double and bob motion strollers. if you're not careful with the hinge that helps you fold them, you could hurt or partially lose a fingertip. this is serious. find yourself another set of wheels and contact britex for a free repair kit. toyota is telling dealers in the u.s. to stop selling six popular models over concerns about the seat fabric. that fabric does not meet federal flammability standards. now this affects the 2013 and 2014 camry, avalon, sienna and tacoma models plus 2013 corollas and tundras. i should make that 2014 corollas and tundras. the company spokesman tells us if you own one of these vehicles, you don't need to take action, but if you have question, call the customer care line at 1-888-270-9371.
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we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5 p.m. >> reporter: i'm kristin fisher and we now know that the columbia mall shooter knew he needed the help of a mental health professional, but what he didn't know, those professionals, that help, was literally right across the street, the story coming up. >> plus nuclear cheating scandal, how much do the people in charge of the country's arsenal of nuclear weapons really know? >> reporter: the smithsonian air and space museum was packed with d.c. area kids today. sounds like a typical thursday, but this was
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meteorologist always watching, always tracking, wusa9 first alert weather. >> we talked about the lows at the top of the show, 9 below in ocean city, 34 is the high now in the area. if you didn't make it above freezing, you will tomorrow. right now chilly if you're going out, 27 in gaithersburg, 32 in leesburg, 28 in manassas, 30 down toward la plata. temperatures tonight teens and 20s, no single digits, but upper teens in the burbs and mid-20s downtown. we'll come back and talk about a change in the weather pattern and what that means for our weekend.
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checking up on our top stories now on wusa9, two people are dead after a shooting at a montgomery county police officer's home. investigators say sergeant james stirkens shot and killed his 25-year-old son to stop him from stabbing his wife. the sergeant's wife died from her wounds. a new development into that d.c. firehouse accused of not responding to a dying man across the street. two firefighters including a lieu talent are on paid administrative leave. this comes -- lieutenant are on paid administrative leave. this comes from outrage by the family hearing that firefighter went back to work yesterday. you're looking live right now at columbia mall where mourners are gathered to remember the victims of saturday's deadly shooting. 19-year-old darion aguilar planned the mall murders and knew he was struggling with his mental health. in two weeks there have been three horrific crimes in maryland committed by people who might have suffered from
5:32 pm
mental illness. kristin fisher has more on one state senator's push to raise awareness and reform mental health resources in maryland. >> reporter: darion aguilar knew he needed help. he wrote about it in his journal. howard county police say he even indicated he needed a mental health professional. little did aguilar know those professionals were literally across the street from where he shot and killed two people before turning the gun on himself. the irony here is just chilling. >> look, this is the columbia mall here and literally right across the street is the local office for the national alliance on mental issues. help was that close. two days earlier this man allegedly murdered a convenience store clerk in gaithersburg and a week before that these two women are accused of killing two toddlers in an attempted exorcism. all are now undergoing court- ordered psychiatric evaluation. senator benson, in two weeks there have been three horrible crimes committed in maryland by people who likely suffer from some kind of mental illness. as chairman of the committee on
5:33 pm
access to mental health services, what are you doing about this? >> well, you know, it starts with the education of people. >> reporter: senator benson is co-sponsoring a bill that would require each county board of education to include behavioral health services. >> we've got to come up with a program that is designed to educate our principals, our teachers. >> reporter: the bill would include a prison in reach program. >> a huge percentage, about 1/3 of the people who are incarcerated in the state of maryland there are as a result of mental health issues. >> reporter: benson believes those issues should now take center stage in annapolis. she wants more money in the budgets and more awareness about the resources that are available, especially ones right across the street. in washington kristin fisher, wusa9. >> senator benson says if you believe you have a friend or family member suffering from mental illness, the first thing you should do is contact your local health department. the cheating scandal
5:34 pm
involving air force personnel is expanding. air force secretary debrahlee james says 92 officers are believed to have cheated on a monthly proficiency test about nuclear issues. that is nearly 1/5 of the 500 member force and that quiz is aimed at finding out how much the officers know about how to maintain and launch nuclear missiles. >> what i want to reassure you right now today is that i remain confident in having gone there to our bases last week even more confident in the safety, reliability and effectiveness of the nuclear mission. >> james says she believes the officers didn't cheat to pass the test. she thinks they cheated to boost their 90 to 95% scores to 100. with his country on the bring of a civil war, the president of ukraine is on sick leave tonight but not everybody is buying it. the leave comes as protesters rally against the president's
5:35 pm
decision to reject a political and economic treaty with the european union. russian president vladimir putin had been pressuring ukraine to align itself with russia. some more bad news for the biebs tonight, justin bieber facing assault charges in toronto. the 19-year-old repeatedly hit a limo driver in the back of the head supposedly on december 29th when bieber was in toronto for a maple leaf game. he turned himself into police yesterday. it is the second arrest in a week. he pleaded not guilty to dui in florida last week. nasa's newest class of astronauts has a very special mission in downtown washington today to get kids excited about their education. >> that's right. meteorologist erica grow went to the smithsonian air and space museum to find out how they did it. >> reporter: eight astronaut candidates came here to the smithsonian air and space museum today with one clear message for d.c. area students, stem education is key, an
5:36 pm
acronym for science, engineering, technology and math and it's a very important acronym to nasa. all of the astronauts in training have degrees in a stem- related field. the 2013 class shared stories and answered questions from d.c. area students in the jam packed moving beyond earth gallery. >> what i wanted to know, like how many different levels of math, science and different classes you might need to take to be an astronaut. >> the question that i asked was if you were not selected to be an astronaut with whatever career would you have chosen? >> reporter: the kids were captivated by these astronauts in training and they also got to talk to a couple games who are already in face. mike -- guys who are already on space. they talked live to the audience at the air and space museum, something these kids thought was an amazing feat. >> it's awesome astronauts and i never saw a rocket before. >> i always thought they just went up to space and they
5:37 pm
always just stayed there for like a really long time. >> reporter: nasa astronauts are off thought of as celebrities or even superheroes of, but former astronaut leland melvin wants these kidton they are real people who just wanted -- kids to know they are real people who just wanted to know more about science. that's why he's made stem education his passion. >> the person who generates the next tablet or the cure for cancer could come out of one of these children here today. >> reporter: i'm meteorologist erica grow, wusa9. >> nasa has a whole section of its website dedicated to stem education. you can learn more about being an astronaut or even build a piece of equipment that gets used in a nasa satellite. we've got more information about that on our website after the break a new seinfeld project may be in the works. >> it looks like we'll see some of your favorite familiar faces, plus thousands of football fans pouring onto the
5:38 pm
streets of new york city. we'll take a walk down super bowl boulevard. >> just don't
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
maryland governor martin o'malley signed off on a law today helping some people get health insurance. that bill is aimed at helping those who had computer problems
5:41 pm
preventing them from signing up on the state's health exchange. the law expands separate state health insurance to accommodate a few hundred people who were impacted. earlier this month jerry seinfeld, jason alexander were seen walking into their favorite diner. this morning on a radio show in new york city seinfeld shed a little light on the meeting. in a game of 20 questions we learned something longer than a commercial but shorter than a movie has been filmed involving the seinfeld characters. it was a one and done type deal. we should see whatever it is very soon. >> that's exciting, more comedy, i hope. the athletes starting to arrive in sochi for the winter olympics and usa today sports columnist christine brennan will soon them. she's going to join us to preview the games coming up. >> but first get ready for milder temperatures as we head into the weekend. topper is coming up next with
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>> we showed you a lot of crazy stuff in atlanta. we take you to minnesota, some snow up there and yes, some spinouts in minnesota. it's not exactly perfect there. we are looking at a little snow, wasn't a lot of snow up there either, but check this out. he went off the road into a snowbank. he's okay. this guy missed the tractor trailer, missed him and went straight ahead. this guy also bailed off to the side which is a pretty good place. one guy bailed to the right and these guys were able to stop. so it's not just atlanta. >> oh, my gosh. look at that. >> that was not pretty. that was ice. it wasn't just snow. powdery snow they could have stopped. that's on i-35. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, pretty nice evening, a little cold, not as cold as it's been, though, 32 now, dew point in the single digits way better than below 0
5:46 pm
like it was this time yesterday. that's the signal not as cold tonight. satellite picture radar combined, a little snow pushing through the great lakes, pretty weak system, already throwing clouds into ohio and pennsylvania and some of these clouds get in here tonight. we start out clear. we're clear now, but clouds come in late. that will do us a favor. we'll keep temperatures up a bit, so no single digits tonight and no below 0 readings at the shore. 20 serve in damascus, rest -- 27 in damascus, reston, fairfax, 29 in rockville. temps will fall quickly to midnight and then begin to level off. clouds late tonight, not as cold. bus stop temperatures, 16 to 34. at 8:30, more like low 30s, early teens. everybody makes it to at least 40 tomorrow. most folks should make it to the mid-40s and milder over the weekend. yes, a few showers, but i would
5:47 pm
trade the milder temps for the showers. here's the jet stream. watch how it retreats and as it does, so does the cold air. by saturday it's north and west of us. remember if you're south of the jet, you're generally warm or average. if you're north of the jet, you're cold. for the time being all the cold air will be locked up in the northern plains states. tonight clear skies early, clouds coming in late, not as cold. low temperatures 16 to 26, winds light out of the southwest at 10. so downtown temps in the start, 30 by 9 a.m., 36 by 11 a.m. and by 1 p.m. we're in the low 40s. that's pretty good. next three days temps go up 49 saturday, maybe a sprinkle, but a fair amount of sun to start and 52 sunday, a little better chance for showers turning colder sunday night. next seven days models all over the place with this system. it may go to our south, a light mix possible monday, a break, clouds coming in tuesday, maybe
5:48 pm
a light mix turning to rain wednesday, back to 50 and then cold air will return next thursday. wusa9 news at 6:00 a few minutes away. >> derek is live in the newsroom with a preview. >> well, that surviving boston bombing system, the u.s. attorney general eric holder has decided whether or not to seek the death penalty. >> plus we'll meet a man who has been to a dozen or so super bowls dating back to super bowl 6. >> and remember this snowy owl they spotted in downtown d.c.? now it's in the care of vets at the national zoo. we'll tell you what's wrong with the poor guy at 6:00. russia's counterterrorism agency arrested two brothers suspected of assisting the bombings in volgograd that killed 34 people and wounded many more. the two brothers help the two suicide bombers coordinate the
5:49 pm
train station and trolley bus attack. it has heightened security fears ahead of the winter olympics in sochi. >> if i'm thinking like a terrorist and i want to make a statement during the sochi games, i don't have to do it in search which i. search-- in sochi and the impact will be maybe not quite as significant, but putin put all his eggs in this basket. he's virtually guaranteed he's got 50,000 things there. if they don't have to worry about the constitution and rule of law to deal with problems. >> yesterday the chief organizer for the olympics said the russian city and ring of steel around the olympic village is the most secure venue on the planet. which comes as welcome news to usa today sports columnist christine brennan because she is headed to sochi next week for the winter games. she's with our kristen berset.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: thanks, ladies. christine, you leave sunday for your 16th straight olympics. >> that's correct. winter and summer going back to l.a. in '84. it's hard to believe. >> reporter: it's exciting. you've seen it all. approaching this olympics in sochi, are you nervous heading over there? have you experienced anything like that in terms of the security? >> i have to say athens in 2004 was the first summer olympics after 9/11 and there was concern. it was almost a home game for the terrorists going to the mediterranean, to that part of the world. nothing happened, not even a phoned in bomb threat, but there was trepidation about atmosphere buildings similar to this. yes, we're well aware, but i'm going. i'm excited about it and i hope security is as good as they're saying. >> reporter: you've been covering one of the local athletes from this area. the united states is sending 230 athletes, the largest delegation in sochi. you've been following figure
5:51 pm
skaters ashley wagner pro virginia. she's one of the most -- from virginia. she's one of the most experiences decorated figure skaters in the last two years, but she's struggled a bit lately. >> finished fourth, but because of her resume and correctly so, she was placed on part of the team, the actual process to pick who makes the team is the resume. ashley wagner was third in a toward just a month ago. obviously that wasn't -- third in the world just a month appearing. obviously that wasn't her best there. first time ever there's going to be figure skating team competition kind of like the ryder cup with judges right off the bat. ashley is expected to compete for the u.s. she was the team leader last year for the team competition and the u.s. won gold. i think they will win one of the three medals and i think ashley will be one of the reasons why. >> reporter: fingers crossed for her. ashley wagner and ashley caldwell are only two of the
5:52 pm
230 from the dmv area. comments were made there's no big name about this winter olympics since lindsey vonn had to pull out. why should people watch the olympics and get excited? >> first there will be names we don't know now that will become big names. someone wins an olympic gold medal the country is intransed. bode miller, 36 years old, his fifth olympic game, kind of amazing. 36 is about 75 in snow years. he'll be back. michaela chiffron, 18 years old and gracie gold in figure skating, what a name if she wins a medal and the hockey, especially for the u.s. team both men's and women's and then, of course, ovechkin for the russians, lots of pressure on him. >> reporter: going to ask you just the pressure they have, his third olympics, yet to win a gold, so great to see him. i agree with you yes, the big names are nice, but the excitement of the olympics
5:53 pm
seeing those young stars rise up. have safe travels. you'll be gone about three weeks. we'll be thinking about you and looking for your report at usa today, christine brennan. >> we want to talk to you when you come back, too. just ahead tonight at 6:00 do you have a hard time hearing announcements made over the metro speakers? wait until you see the responses our russ ptacek got from metro and riders when he posed that question on twitter. >> thousands of football fans converge on super bowl boulevard in times square for the ultimate pregame party. i'm marley hall in new york with
5:54 pm
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